Cufflinks of the day No.01

Cufflinks of the day No.01

I’ll start this occasional series with cufflinks that are by any other name office supplies.

Cufflinks of the day 01 - The trusty bulldog clipI first handed a forgetful colleague a pair of bulldog clips to control his flapping cuffs in 1998, I’ve no doubt that I wasn’t the first and won’t be the last resourceful office sartorial to improvise in this way.

It’s a convenience that bulldog clips are designed to hold paper in the same way as a cuff edge; paper clips don’t work nearly as well in these situations, the fancy metal clip solicitors use has possibilities if only you could force it over the combined thickness of the four cuff hems (you can’t with any great success I’ve tried) and stapling your shirt together is a very last resort.

One clever sod was at one point selling sterling silver bulldog clips as cufflinks, but for the life of me and even with all the power of the internets I cannot find that link for you.

I salute you unsung hero of the office supply cupboard.

First published 9th November 2012 on A Beard About Town Website.