Cufflinks of the day No.02

Cufflinks of the day No.02


What is it about cufflinks that’s so wonderful? The occasion? The ceremony? The little flashes of personality that these small fixings provide?

There’s such history and mystery that always comes with second-hand cufflinks. These Bonny Prince Charmings belonged to my step-father. Where he got them from, or why, I will never know as they were his before he met my mother. She gave them to me after he died so I have no way of knowing whether they were cheap, or expensive, sentimental, or folly.

Ivor was a dapper man–well dressed by shopping at the right places rather than natural flair– but a man on the tools for the time he was in my life. He left a decent collection of cufflinks, ties and suits that hinted at a smarter, more executive, period of his life, and from the titbits my mother divulged a Jet-set lifestyle too.

What do I find so wonderful about cufflinks? That each one has a story.

First published 16th November 2012 on A Beard About Town Website.